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March 7, 2012 § 7 Comments

Mexican Smothered Salmon.
 (Asos Fedora, Vintage Belt, Free People Extreme Vintage Flare Jeans, Flat Bag by Romans 12:2, Skull Bracelets by Me, Planet Blue Ring, Club Master Ray Bans)

Casual town in an obnoxious flare. I once wore these FP jeans when it was raining. Mistake. But here they just act as flappers making denim slapping noices as I stride.  Super comfy to run around town in though and still feel costumed by Penny Lane.

PS – If you are in Lubbock, Chrome has these FP Jeans, so save yourself some shipping cost!


in my bag

February 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

 (Romans 12:2 Squaw Tote, Elizabeth & James Lafayette Cat Eyes, Ray Ban Glasses, Zara Wallet, Stud iPhone, MJ Headphones) 

So I just finished with this week’s exams, but this is the stuff you usually find we with when I’m off to class. After a huuuge cat nap, I’ll revamp with outfit posts!

PS – If you love the Squaw Tote, you can email me at romans122shop@gmail.com and place an order. They retail for $200.


suede buttons

February 18, 2012 § 14 Comments

Our Penny Lane (Red Border Collie) is prego, so get ready for that genius offspring. If you’re a local reader let me know if you’re interested. (The father is a Blue Merle Border Collie.)Inexplainable addictive additives in coconut water. Like, Ryan running to Sprouts at 10 PM to grab 2 more jugs, addictiveness.

 (F21 Sunglasses, Vintage Coat, F21 Leggings, Alexander Wang Anabela Boots, Romans 12:2 Bag) 

Highlights: Remember the coat I got back in October? Suede, crop sleeves, fur collar, and $25… It’s the chunky suede buttons that top it off, though. Then you have the Anabela’s, known for their crippling effects. I’ve been trying to “break them in”;  just couldn’t bare the stares we exchanged while they sat on their throne. So far, it’s a painful ride, but nothing detrimental. Basically stay seated as often as possible. Baby steps.


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