a striped turtle

March 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

 (Romwe Parka, Urban Outfitters striped turtle neck crop top, JBrand Shorts, Dolce Vita Boots, Zara Belt, Forever 21 Bracelet, James Avery Cuff, Jewel Mint Bracelet, Iphone Cover by Me)

This would be a previous outfit. Snapping these laid out has become a rather annoying habit. The time lapse between instagram & the blog platform, also, has a large gap that could be a bit irritating. Mostly, I’m complaining to myself, about myself, so know I’m on your side. I’m putting my money on spring break’s excess outfit shoots to makeup for this semester’s slacking. Those blogger’s with outfit posts every single day, how do you do it? After that, it’s just the Dragon Tattoo trilogy on a Saturday night.

V-Day Outfit

February 27, 2012 § 6 Comments

 (For Love and Lemons Dress, Romwe Parka, Alexander Wang Anabela Boots, Made Her Think Knuckle Ring, MJ Lola Perfume) 

Her is what I wore on Valentines. (2 weeks late, ooops.) I did lose the crystal out of my quartz ring, though, so nothing is perfect. Buttt, that aside, we had a blast.


yogurt & sunsets

January 26, 2012 § 8 Comments

 (Romwe Military Jacket, Nordstrom Sweater, GoodNight Macaroon Shorts, Alexander Wang Bag, Aldo Wedges

Frozen yogurt & laughing hysterically with my sister ultimately caused a huge loss of time. In other words, the sun wen’t down, so behold some shitty shots. New school schedule + the sun going down at four is basically making outfit shots impossible to time. Sorry for the huge complaint. I’m annoying myself.


leather legs

December 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

 (UO Leather Jacket, Romwe Parka, Gap top, Yesstyle  faux leather leggings, JC boots, Romans 12:2 Bag) 

Super casual. Haven’t been an overly intrepid dresser lately. Sorry. If anyone is annoyed to no end though, it is me. Someone please pull the sun out of the moon’s ass? So tired of darkness hitting at 5… Day’s most interesting moment: the weeping willow reflection.

Now to not sound so Wednesday Addams on you all… These leggings are my new favorite piece of clothing. Haven’t taken them off for what seems all week. Dreamt of Helmut Lang (still do), but honestly, pretty pleased when walking around in my faux. For now at least.


parks & recreation II

December 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

(Stud bracelet c/o Whole Sale Dress

This wrap bracelet carries gold & silver studs, letting me pick & choose which rings for the day SO much easier. 
 ( Loafers c/o Shoppalu)

As mentioned, this is the shoe change necessary to join in on the recreational joys. They go pretty nicely on jungle gyms. Something fantastic about vintage loafers & not having to break them in. (Nothing is more irritating than stepping into a pair of new loafers for a break, & then finding bigger/more painful blisters.)


Parks & Recreation

December 10, 2011 § 8 Comments

 (Asos Fedora, Romwe Parka, Zara Star Top, F21 Faux Leather Trousers & Jewelry, DV by Dolce Vita Wyatt Boots, Romans 12:2 Squaw Tote) 

Parks & recreation: Penny Lane style. Warmest day in a while, but still shivering in the 60 degree wind (pansy). Treated myself to a caramel brulee & Nylon while trying to toast in any type of sunlight ray. This was all while Penny & Ryan enjoyed a jungle gym. Yes, I’m serious… This parka was surprisingly appropriate though. No lining, so the use it would bring was sketchy, but it served its fullest point (Given the choice, I would have definitely gone for THIS). & I even enjoy the crop sleeves that show little peeks of my favorite new TOP. I did eventually warm up to play around, so my shoe change is saved for the next post. Because that is so interesting in all…


choppy language and choppy clothes

December 8, 2011 § 12 Comments

 (Silence & Noise Leather Jacket, Vintage cut off top, NastyGal Asymmetric Dress, Romwe Montage Leggings, DV by Dolce Vita Wyatt Boots, Romans 12:2 Cro Bag) 

Drop me in a sketch little abandoned mason house & I’ll just watch the sun glisten on the remnants of snow & crumbling walls. Layer all your summer favs to survive… Leather/sheer booty shorts transform to these little leggings.  Any thing trumps actual pants. I obsessed over these leggings for weeks before finally committing. (Watching them sale out twice was a push.) The repeating trends of tucking & pulling, you may finally find my crisp white tail (same dress as THIS) & layered over is this vintage thing I chopped up. Are these even understandable clear sentences? Choppy language meshes well with the vicinity. PS these Wyatt boots are on major sale!


ever since dawn

November 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

opie’s funeral song/sufjan stevens(Ray-Ban Clubmasters, Romwe jacket, Vintage blouse, BDG Jeans, H&M booties) 

Army scene again. The Romwe jacket is super light but pretty fitting for those 70 degree days. The cropped sleeves are surprisingly doable, too. Ryan loves it. Another positive.

Enjoying family right now. Blessings are all over. Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and most of all, remembered to thank the Father who gave you all those things you are thankful for. I’ll have a little festive post up tomorrow with my not so interesting details.


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