feeling orange

January 31, 2012 § 9 Comments

 (Ryan’s beanie & Ray Bans, Zara Leather Jacket, Gap Denim, Forever 21 Tee & White Leather Skirt, Boots c/o DV by Dolce Vita, Alexander Wang Rafael Bag) 

The basic, simple walks with Penny Lane & the best slice of pizza in town. Seeing this makes me want One Guy again. It’s decided. As for the outfit… Pretty stoked to find this leather skirt at Forever (comes in red & black, too). Makes the perfect layer foundation. AND these bright orange boots are from DV’s resort collection – ultimate answer to any muted outfit. I wear them a ton with just skinnies & automatically feel like a neon badass. That pop of color that everyone talks about for spring – - – accomplished by your feet alone. (Works especially well for girls like me, who sort of get nostalgic when it comes to a lot of color.) Speaking of spring, the fact that it is January and my legs are bare AGAIN needs to be noted. I’m gonna be that deuce bag and talk about the weather. It is amazing.

Also, DV by Dolce Vita is doing an awesome GIVEAWAY!!! The Love Fest Shoe Giveaway will last all of February where they will be awarding 50 winners every weekday. Huge chances of free shoes? I’m game. To enter go to their Facebook Page HERE.



January 27, 2012 § 10 Comments

 (Chaser cutoff Bowie shirt via Chrome, GoodNight Macaroon Shorts,  Aldo Wedges, Forever 21, Vintage & JewelMint Jewelry)

A pre-gaming peek. Possibly the first appearance of the Bowie cutoff tee, which is my most favorite – slept in every night – item. Plus it just generally makes you want to dance & act ridiculous, very similar to this:


flared legs

January 24, 2012 § 13 Comments

 (Forever 21 sweater & trousers, House of Harlow Necklace, Jewel Mint Friendship Bracelets & Forever 21 bracelets, H&M Sunglasses, Dolce Vita Harness Boots) 

 Hadn’t posted a legit outfit in a while… Flared trousers to pick up the slack. Stared at these for months & finally found their fitting premier. Indoor loft shots & mostly to  reveal our new couch. In love. I have the greatest parents to ever live. This heap of a gift serves as the greatest of hosts to read Vogue Paris while also practicing with my French Tutor app. So productive while on breaks but finally have to get back to school. Me multitasking and reading finance right now paints the ugliest picture.


braided crowns & wool pants

January 18, 2012 § 10 Comments

 (Forever 21 Sunglasses, Fur via The Exchange, Loft top, Wool Trousers c/0 Shoppalu, American Apparel Large Leather Clutch, Sam Edelman Zoe Boots)

Glad to see me out of skinnies or leather? Yeah, me too. My most frequent dressing room fiasco is when I’m tired of wearing the same damn pants… So Shoppalu sending over these wool trousers fixed my problems & just added some needed unfamiliarity to my piles. Same legs on repeat, I can see that becoming a headache. ALSO new, I don’t look like I just got pulled out of the ocean for once. My stringy mess has some braids man! Little girly, right? Now it’s time to paint some teeth purple. Wino style.

PS: My newest friend, Erica at FashionLushxx has recently interviewed me! Check that out HERE!! 


deep draping

January 15, 2012 § 10 Comments

 (Poncho c/o Shoppalu, Forever 21 cut up dress, Zara Belt, Calvin Klein Boots, Wang Rafael Bag)

Big draping going on here. Even my Calvins are fleeting out. Some things need to be taken in small doses, but draping in bulk is sort of fantastic to walk around in. Wind catching the depth of layers… With that explanation aside, I can now get back to reading pools of lyrics: I Blame Coco. Radness.



December 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

(F21 Striped Shirt, H&M Suede Dress, Zara Belt, American Apparel Hose, DV by Dolce Vita Wyatt Boots, Alexander Wang Rafael Structured Bag)

Pairing dresses & tops ultimately means no messy hip/waist line. H&M suede dress has successfully become my most favorite skirt play in. Also, like the first time anyone else can have an eye view of this belt, which makes me pretty pleased. Adoring objects that go unnoticed seems like closet love. Plussss you have the debut of me actually caring my Wang. SO all in all it’s just a little inception post of my newest loves.


wax on denim

December 15, 2011 § 7 Comments

(H&M Wax Sweater, random denim top, Urban Outfitters Sheer Maxi-Skirt, Forever 21 Bracelets)

Black wax sitting on denim plays out an interesting juxtapose scene. & there are military boots hiding under this skirt, if you cared. Too bad another outfit is lost to lame reflections. Hopefully these are the last of my mirror shots for a while. Finals are over & now we’re just slammed with excess Christmas shopping/making + marathons of chasing down UPS men. Outfits will have to be squeezed into the basic leather workroom rat routine for the remainder of the break.

PS – Please help me out and vote for me for “Best Look” at Trendtation:




parks & recreation II

December 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

(Stud bracelet c/o Whole Sale Dress

This wrap bracelet carries gold & silver studs, letting me pick & choose which rings for the day SO much easier. 
 ( Loafers c/o Shoppalu)

As mentioned, this is the shoe change necessary to join in on the recreational joys. They go pretty nicely on jungle gyms. Something fantastic about vintage loafers & not having to break them in. (Nothing is more irritating than stepping into a pair of new loafers for a break, & then finding bigger/more painful blisters.)


Parks & Recreation

December 10, 2011 § 8 Comments

 (Asos Fedora, Romwe Parka, Zara Star Top, F21 Faux Leather Trousers & Jewelry, DV by Dolce Vita Wyatt Boots, Romans 12:2 Squaw Tote) 

Parks & recreation: Penny Lane style. Warmest day in a while, but still shivering in the 60 degree wind (pansy). Treated myself to a caramel brulee & Nylon while trying to toast in any type of sunlight ray. This was all while Penny & Ryan enjoyed a jungle gym. Yes, I’m serious… This parka was surprisingly appropriate though. No lining, so the use it would bring was sketchy, but it served its fullest point (Given the choice, I would have definitely gone for THIS). & I even enjoy the crop sleeves that show little peeks of my favorite new TOP. I did eventually warm up to play around, so my shoe change is saved for the next post. Because that is so interesting in all…


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