a striped turtle

March 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

 (Romwe Parka, Urban Outfitters striped turtle neck crop top, JBrand Shorts, Dolce Vita Boots, Zara Belt, Forever 21 Bracelet, James Avery Cuff, Jewel Mint Bracelet, Iphone Cover by Me)

This would be a previous outfit. Snapping these laid out has become a rather annoying habit. The time lapse between instagram & the blog platform, also, has a large gap that could be a bit irritating. Mostly, I’m complaining to myself, about myself, so know I’m on your side. I’m putting my money on spring break’s excess outfit shoots to makeup for this semester’s slacking. Those blogger’s with outfit posts every single day, how do you do it? After that, it’s just the Dragon Tattoo trilogy on a Saturday night.

mink backed

March 1, 2012 § 5 Comments

(F21 Fedora,Elizabeth & James Lafayette Sunglasses via Shopbop, Mom’s Mink, Zara Top, True Religion BoyFriend Jeans, ShoeMint Wedges

I think this is the first time I tried the jacket thrown over the shoulders, you know, the do-without-sleeves look. It’s like old school lady like & always seen during fashion week, so it obviously needed to be tried. Lady time, of course, is abandoned when you hit the waist line. These jeans are my play in until I get my hands on THESE. Much more 90′s tailored and a little less of boyfriend bags. All that… over “Elton John” shoes. Father’s description.


layed out

February 27, 2012 § 3 Comments

 (Forever 21 Trousers, Bob Dylan Top, Michael Kors Sandals, MJ Daisy Perfume, JewelMint Necklace)

Outfit from the past but soon to be repeated.


helmut for snow fall

February 24, 2012 § 6 Comments

 A couple of weeks ago it snowed (obvi) and this is when Texas shows perks. Below 30 one day and 70 the next. (Ear Cuff via Sante Fe,Elizabeth & James Lafayette Sunglasses via Shopbop, F21 Faux Shearling Vest, Zara Leather Jacket, Sweater via Nordstrom, F21 Leggings, DV Harness Boots, Alexander Wang Bag via Shopbop) 

Well, snow obviously means layers, nothing ground breaking here, but shearling is something new for me. I haven’t worn this vest a whole whole lot, but I love it stacked atop bundles. Possibly a late decision factor to find your winter essentials in February… But now I can make a move on my mom’s monstrous shearling vintage coat for next fall. My initial thoughts here were, how does Helmut Lang do this weather… & the conclusion was leather, shearling, & indecisive hemlines. Maybe should have fell more into the Helmut uniform with a asymmetric skirt, but I am now full on prepared after THIS purchase.


suede buttons

February 18, 2012 § 14 Comments

Our Penny Lane (Red Border Collie) is prego, so get ready for that genius offspring. If you’re a local reader let me know if you’re interested. (The father is a Blue Merle Border Collie.)Inexplainable addictive additives in coconut water. Like, Ryan running to Sprouts at 10 PM to grab 2 more jugs, addictiveness.

 (F21 Sunglasses, Vintage Coat, F21 Leggings, Alexander Wang Anabela Boots, Romans 12:2 Bag) 

Highlights: Remember the coat I got back in October? Suede, crop sleeves, fur collar, and $25… It’s the chunky suede buttons that top it off, though. Then you have the Anabela’s, known for their crippling effects. I’ve been trying to “break them in”;  just couldn’t bare the stares we exchanged while they sat on their throne. So far, it’s a painful ride, but nothing detrimental. Basically stay seated as often as possible. Baby steps.


early morning bus.

February 17, 2012 § 5 Comments

(Urban Outfitters Boyfriend Blazer, StyleMint Top, Goodnight Macaroon skirt, DV Boots, Zara Belt)

 (Urban Outfitters men’s watch, Whole-SaleDress.net wrap bracelet, F21 spike ring, Made Her Think Knuckle Buster Ring, Target Hermes wannabe bracelet, Chanel Black Pearl Polish)

Such an early morning; gallon of coffee couldn’t cure it. Right now I’m multi-tasking with getting ready – finding what to wear – perusing NYFW street style – and mass consumption of caffeine. Worth it all, I finally get to see my mom & sister + a needed facial. What you see above is from the other day involving thrift shopping & various errands. I found a legit chief head – type wall decor. Odd description but think Native American mixed with modern decor. A recipe for everything I love and do.


blazer up

February 11, 2012 § 8 Comments

(Elizabeth & James Lafayette Cat-Eye Sunglasses via Shopbop, Vintage blazer, Gap top, Forever 21 Lace Up Shorts (ON SALE), Kenneth Cole Bag, Calvin Klein Boots, Made Her Think +  Dara Ettinger Lindsey Amethyst Rings, H&M Cuff, UO Watch)

Indescribable fixation on this vintage blazer. The pattern is busy with paisleys, but sums the greatest combo of dark hues, my weakness. (Vintage blazers are always better & usually around $2, need you more reasoning.) It mostly falls just so favorably along a tobacco shade (my other weakness), so day time was perfect for  the F21 lace-ups & night was in-telled with a tobacco-trouser look much like riding pants. (Didn’t get a shot of it, but find similar ones: HERE) All looks aside my fav CK’s. These are heaven on the feet & about five years old, which ultimately saves a girl from fear of showing up in the same Jeffrey Campbell’s as the next.  And all that huge explanation came to a simple lunch – art trail – drinks with friends – and recovery mode, as in getting the heavy musk of smoke out of my baby.


exploring height

February 7, 2012 § 6 Comments

 (Top c/o GoodNight Macaroon, JewelMint Necklace, Gap Pants, ShoeMint Wedges, Alexander Wang Bag)

Second time in these wedges. Should maybe enjoy this elusive height more often. They make me tower over everything & I love it. Makes sense, Rachel Bilson is a wee-one like me. As for my upper portion, I have found love in this silky button up. It adds to my sleepwear indulgence (admittedly been searching for even more bottoms & tops to explore this night in the day interlude) yet again. The major contrast going on obviously required a full button up and then I just had to add a necklaced bib. Always wanted to explore with that.


wilted palm trees

February 4, 2012 § 8 Comments

 (Zara Leather Jacket, Urban Outfitters Top, Zara Belt, H&M Skirt, Zara Studded Ankle Boots, A Wang Bag, Jewel Mint – Vintage – F21 Jewelry) 

I’ve been in a weird skirt fixation lately. Thank goodness the weather saw favor in it, too. The recent warmness made me want to prance around in front of semi – living palm trees? Awesome upkeep Lubbock. This just makes me even more ecstatic to be in LA for spring break/22nd birthday. If you have tips, shoot them at me. First time in Cali is going to be surreal. Plus an additional frenzy found in these boots. The structure of the toe is sartorially genius and completely new to the bundle of black ankle boots in my closet. Clear justification for impulse purchases. Now I will finish reading style.com mag & practice illustrations. Seriously favorite form of “art” and if given the option, would display them all throughout my loft. If you haven’t seen the work at Langsterbatorium, prepare to be in awe.


missing shots

February 2, 2012 § 10 Comments

 Ash Bea Wedges + Nasty Gal Leopard Cardigan = school uniform. New Linea Pelle Vintage Belt. Not actually so neon-ish but equally as eye-catching.  Studded covers – check out Shop 12:2

A massive update of the shots that slipped away. You may have witnessed most of these via Instagram - @kaitlyntru


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