an interview with FashionLush

January 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

 Erica from FashionLush
One of the best parts of blogging is finding friends who are actually like you, which is surprisingly difficult in Texas. Really glad that Erica and I have hit it off. She’s awesome. So if you remember that interview I did over at FashionLushxx the other day… She actually answered a few questions from me, also. Read up on her details, I think you’ll like.
1. Describe your style 
++ My look fluctuates often, mostly depending on the day (and the weather). As cliche as this may sound, I feel my personal style is a mix between boho and rocker. Some days I feel like wearing leather & all black, while other days it’s a chunky sweater, harness boots, and my go to skinnies.
2. Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
++ Some of my favorite bloggers include (but are not limited to) Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad, Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential, Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller, Shea Marie fromCheyenne Meets Chanel, Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast, Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and the girls from Lookbook Cookbook (don’t know there names, but it is a fashion and gluten free baking blog & it’s amazing!)… I guess that’s about it, Oh wait, one more- Kaitlyn Tru from Romans 12:2!
3. And who are your favorite models/style icons?
++ Some of my favorite style icons from the 60s-70s are Edie Sedgwick, Jane Birkin, & Brigitte Bardot. More modern day I have to start with saying Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. There style is impeccable & I literally can’t get enough of them. I also am a fan of Erin Wasson, Chloe Sevigny, Charlotte Free, & Shenae Grimes (love her hippy inspired look)!

4. Who are your favorite designers?
++ Let me just give a shout out to Philip Lim on this one. Not only is he my favorite designer but he also graduated from Alma Mater, Cal State University Long Beach, which makes me uber proud. His clean lines and structural garments are always a pleasure to look at. Other then being my favorite fashionistas, MK&A are also 2 of my favorite designers. Elizabeth and James is a beautiful line of clothing & jewelry, which comes as no surprise considering who is behind it.
5. What is your favorite piece in your closet?
++ Oh man, this is tough for me. The other day I was actually talking to a friend about if my house was on fire (knock on wood), what would I grab. I first started with my dog, and then went straight to the closet. Yet I literally couldn’t pick one thing I would take over everything else. My rabbit fur vest is killer, my pristine (and authentic) Chanel riding boots are a rarity that I never wear but just look at, my favorite Acne dress… the list could definitly go on. Picking favorites is hard, but those are a few of my most treasured items.
6. What items do you tend to splurge on?
++ Shoes. I swear I have inherited a shoe addiction from my mother. I will shop thrift stores and reconstruct my clothes myself to save money in order to buy more shoes. Not to mention all my shoes are placed in plastic shoe boxes, with photos on each box. I am not sure that is a secret I should reveal, as it makes me look a bit nutty. OCD much? Definitly.
7. Where do you get most of your inspiration?
++ Everywhere really. My main source of inspiration though has to be from my computer. I could peruse the internet all day looking at fellow fashion bloggers, admiring looks on, and my new favorite- Pinterest! My roommates often can’t stand the hours I spend on the computer searching for the latest & greatest.
8. Does your style ever change?
++ All the time! I think fashion is all about expermentation & it will always be changing. Sometimes I come up with a great look and rock it, other times I think I came up with something spectacular… until I look back and say “what the hell was I thinking?”. It’s all good though, I just like to have fun with it and I never take myself too seriously.
9. How long have you been blogging?
++ I started blogging in April of 2009, which means I am almost at my 3 year blog bday. Blogging is a great way to express creativity, and when I got started I have to say my blog wasn’t that great. It has taken me 3 years to get my blog where I wanted, and it wasn’t easy work. People often think bloggers have it easy, but really they don’t realize it is harder than it looks! I love the challenge though & I love bringing my readers new and fresh content daily.
10. What trends are you looking forward to in the spring?
++ I am mostly just excited for the weather to warm up. I am getting over having to wear tights with all of my skirts and dresses. One look I am really loving right now, which you rocked very well, is the 1″ midriff. Instead of exposing your whole tummy with a crop top, pair that teeny top with a high waisted skirt or pair of shorts, so that only 1″ of skin shows above the belly button. I also think that brooches are going to make a come back this spring, which could be really fun. As for shoes, the new style I am stoked for is the hybrid between a chunky heel & a wedge… it is hard to picture but I have an example HERE. Oh and one more, I am ditching a lot of my chunky jewelry for things that are much more delicate and simple (think teeny tiny rings & super thin chain bracelets).
If you like Erica as much as me, you can follow her HERE!
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